With HP Gone, Who can Compete With Apple In The Tablet Market?

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We have all heard the news of the sudden demise of HP’s WebOS Touchpad. It’s only been seven weeks and the sales are dead but its competitor Apple’s iPad 2 is going more than fine. HP’s Touchpad had same fate as of the Dell’s Streak 5 in this tablet war. According to an analyst at Boston research and investment firm, Mark Gerber said that the tablets other than Apple do not work well in the retail market.

Tablets other than HP and Dell which failed to sell in the market are Asustek Computer Eee Pad Transformer and Xoom from Motorola mobility which is going to be bought by Google in near future. RIM’s PlayBook series is going good in the markets and RIM does not intend to shut down this tablet series in near future because of its strategy and future planning.

There is not even a better software than Apple’s created by any of its rivals by now. Apple’s iOS is conquering the tablet market with its 61.3% share and Google’s Android possesses half of its share i.e 30.1% and the other competitors are Microsoft holding 4.6% and RIM with 3.3% in the second quarter.

Well the Apple’s reign in the tablet market is not going to last much longer, after the deal made by Google to buy the Motorola Mobility. Google will step in to the field of hardware manufacturing and will compete with Apple equally on raised stakes. People are now looking for the all new Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich system which will soon be launched by Google in tablets and Smartphones.

After Google, Microsoft is also a possible threat for Apple, which will be releasing its tablet software, may be in the fall of 2012 named as Windows 8. Microsoft has the largest eco-system and the company will get significant traction in the tablet market.

After the creation of the popular Kindle-e-reader, Amazon.com is also expected to release a tablet this fall too which will also provide a challenge to Apple. This tablet would change the rules by its low cost, as low as $300 and with its Android Honeycomb OS and a 7 inch screen. Amazon could be a major threat to Apple because of its previous products’ popularity and all the extra services it provides to the users. The subsidized rates would be a key feature so maximize the sales.

Sony corp. is not behind in this race of tablets, this giant company is planning to release its first two tablets this fall too. So we may have seen many competitors come and go but this time we are going to see the best competing against the best.

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