Why The Use of VPN For Mobiles Is Increasing?

Why The Use of VPN For Mobiles Is Increasing

The basic function of a mobile VPN is to provide access to different software applications and other network resources securely. This will happen once you connect through other wireless networks. Mobile VPN is mostly useful for people who are constantly travelling or employees who are required to be connected with their offices throughout the day. The use of mobile VPN has increased in places such as hospitals, home care, field service management and other various industries. Their increasing use is also seen by mobile experts and other white-collar employees.

Why The Use of VPN For Mobiles Is Increasing

Difference between VPN and Conventional Connections

The VPN technology is in some ways different from the conventional VPNs. The basic Internet Protocol, commonly known as TCP/IP, does not natively include any means to provide data privacy and authenticity when you are on a public network. To counter this weakness, VPNs were developed which would encrypt the data that is sent between two or more systems and authenticate the data sent and received on the Internet. With the traditional VPN, the network tunnel will be disrupted whereas a mobile VPN would never allow a network tunnel to be disrupted.


Considering These Points Will Help You

These are some useful considerations to bear in mind while selecting a mobile VPN. The first thing to consider is true application resolution. Make sure that the VPN you choose is capable of protracting application sessions even when you face loss of connectivity or suspend-and-resume rounds. Standards-based security is also important to consider. Ensure that the chosen mobile VPN is supportive of two-factor authentication, NSA Suite B encryption, FIPS 140-2 AES encryption and its capability to quarantine distant devices. Make sure that the VPN has Centralized Management Console. This is the browser-based console that creates detailed reporting and analysis into connected devices. Wireless performance optimization is another point to bear in mind. Your VPN should be able to automatically decrease network use and perk up throughput and application responsiveness, mainly over the cellular networks.


Essential of a Mobile VPN

A mobile VPN should typically be designed for a mobile environment. Even if you are on the move from one network or another, the VPN is required to maintain a protected connection. A mobile VPN should also address occasional coverage gaps and problems of changing IP addresses. In spite of the coverage gaps or network changes, to the end user the VPN network should appear without any problem. The mobile VPN must respond to network outages.


Do Not Ignore the Limitations of a VPN

Although there are endless benefits of using a mobile VPN but its limitations should not be ignored. The main hurdle in using a mobile VPN is the complexity of security implementation and design. A professional and a high level of understanding are needed for the best VPN configuration. Finding a suitable VPN provider is not easy. You need to find a reliable provider who can guarantee minimum downtime. It is quite possible that sticking to a particular VPN provider will become expensive over time. A VPN may not be as secure as it is thought to be. So sometimes you have to follow additional and burdening procedures to ensure that you are completely safe.


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