Why Android Phones are Good for Gaming

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Gaming is one of the major uses of mobile devices these days, which means that the two main operating systems – Apple’s iOS and the Android one which was developed by Google – are firmly in competition with each other when it comes to attracting the attention and loyalty of gamers. Both of these systems have their good and bad points, but a number of observers within the technology community regard the Android operating system as being particularly good for gaming.

Android Phones for Gaming

One of the principal reasons why Android phones are good for gaming is the Google Playstore, which may not attract as much publicity and attention as Apple’s App Store – but it is the biggest app marketplace available. Thus those choosing to game on an Android device have an enviable choice of games – from hugely popular titles like Angry Birds, to casino games like video slots. Furthermore gaming on an Android device is also comparatively cheap, because the number of free games apps available for these devices via the Google Playstore far exceeds the number of free games available for Apple devices.

The Google Playstore also offers games developers a better deal – charging them just $5 per year to distribute their products through them, rather than the $100 per year Apple charges – further giving Android the edge in this area. You can also easily game online on mobile casino sites.

Another reason why Android phone gaming is cost effective is because the sheer number of devices produced by the major phone manufacturers which use this OS (basically all of them apart from the various Apple ones) means that there is greater variance in the prices of the actual phones than there is with the choices you have with Apple. There is also, inevitably, greater variation in the specifications available – e.g. the size of the screen – which can greatly improve the experience of playing casino games and others which employ detailed graphics.

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