We Want Motorola For More Than Just Patents, Says Google

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It is confirmed by the Google chairman Eric Schmidt that the company is going to buy Motorola for its patents as well as for its hardware.

The presentation held at the salesforce.com Dreamforce conference, Schmidt was asked by the Salesforce CEO Marc benioff that how he was linked into Google’s Motorola buy.

Schmidt words are as follows:

They had not only done it for the patents but they actually believe in the upcoming products of Motorola team. They were really excited for having the product line, using the Motorola brand, the product architecture and the engineers. RAZR was invested by Google too. They both knew each other very well because Motorola was the Google Apps user. So, now they would like to have some space where they can do integrated hardware and software.

Now it was very clear from the above statement that Google is going to hang on to Motorola`s phone business in the future, whether it will cause damage to it or not.

Schmidt kept on saying that the U.S. patent system is going to be broken, with a lot of important software patents which were granted in the 1990s and now are being invalidated, and he said that his idea to solve the problem would be to utilize patent applications. The main and the only major problem to that proposal was that it`s illegal.

Source: BusinessInsider

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