Veena Malik Crying in A Live Show For Not Let Her Come In Pakistan

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In this video you can see that Veena Malik and her Husband are crying for not letting them come to Pakistan due to blasphemy allegation. Veena Malik is a Pakistani actress , model nad tv host. She worked in Lollywood and Bollywood movies.

On November 2014, Veena Malik and her husband  were sentenced to 26 year in prison for allegedly airing blasphemy act by a regional anti terrorism court. She said in this video that she missed her country but i want to come Pakistan legally.Allah is my judge nad He knows it very well.She said that my Lawyers working on it to resolve my case.

Veena Malik Drama Queen Crying in Live TV Show

She said that i have now my family and want to protect them. She wants to come Pakistan legally and want to remove all the blame from her.She said that this issue should be treated well and resolve this case . She said that through your program i request the big opportunities to resolve and investigate this sensitive nad serious issue,. GThis is very inspiring video you must watch this and share it with your friends.

Veena Malik Crying in A Live Show For Not Let Her Come In Pakistan

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