Top 9 Best Battery Saver Android Apps

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Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. With their elegance and an array of fascinating and convenient applications, we are lured to fall in love with these devices. Teenagers remain glued to their smartphones until the battery low notification pops up. Battery life for android smartphones has always been a concern and as they say with technology anything is possible. Apps that prolong android battery life have been developed and have come as a relief to give you some more time with your device. So, which are some of the Best Battery Saver Android Apps? Let’s explore some of the most common apps and what they have to offer.

Battery Saver Android Apps

DU Battery saver

Conveniently accessible on Google play, this is one of the best battery saving app in the market. Furthermore it not only prolongs battery life but also comes equipped with additional features. With its preset options and various intelligent modes coupled with its own widgets that make it all easily accessible, this is definitely an awesome app.

Easy battery saver

Also available on Google play store, this is another app that lives to its name. Its unique feature that sets it apart however, is its visible battery status on the main page. This gives you a fairly accurate estimation of the life left in your battery. This app is also very user friendly.

Battery widget reborn

This is undoubtedly one of the best designed and thoughtful battery saving app. With an array of extra features including some really useful widgets, a notification icon and a Dashclock extension. The Dashclock extension enables you to activate your camera flash into a flash-light. Quite an awesome feature I know. To top it all up, there is the option of turning into aeroplane mode automatically while you are sleeping thus saving more battery life.

NQ Easy battery saver

This battery saving app not only extends the life of your battery but also speeds up your android phone. It comes fortified with an array of unique extra features including quick settings, smart assistant, a battery usage monitor and a tool that optimizes your android by keeping track of running apps.

Battery doctor

Another product that can be found at Google play is a simple yet effective app for optimizing your battery life. It also sends you a notification whenever your battery goes below 20%. With one tap, you can adjust settings automatically and enjoy a longer battery life.

Go battery saver & widget

This is quite a powerful tool that extends your battery life by 50%. It achieves this by managing Wi-Fi, brightness, mobile data, audio and Bluetooth or anything else that consumes power from your device. You can also have preset power saving schedules at your convenience.

Juice defender and battery saver

You want to have control over your battery power? This is the app to do just that. You can program synchronization events and auto toggle Wi-Fi getting more from your battery.

Battery Dr saver + a task killer

Shows battery health, talk time, temperature and helps you kill tasks thus your battery lasts longer.

Advanced mobile care

A multi-purpose app with anti-virus, game speeder and battery saver for security and performance optimization. You will find more apps to save your battery via broadband connection with sky helpline.

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