Top 5 Best SEO Apps for Android Tablets

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that many webmasters, bloggers and online marketers have to deal with. It is actually something that you are going to have more luck adjusting on a desktop computer. However, we all cannot gain access to a desktop computer all the time, so we have to use apps instead. Apps allow people to check on their SEO progress and maybe even take a few actions to improve their SEO progress. Here are a few apps that you may like if you have an Android tablet and an SEO process in the works.

Android SEO Apps


This app allows you to figure out how well you are doing with the search engines. You are able to see your search engine ranking on the SERP (the search engine results pages).  You can track a large number of websites and a massive number of keywords. They have made SEO analysis very easy so that you can align your traffic numbers with what you may expect with regards to where your site is ranked on the search engines.

Finding out where you rank is one of those things that will help to motivate your SEO efforts in the future. It helps you to see how your efforts are making a difference so that you are motivated to keep making those efforts.


This is a nice little app that will allow you to check your SEO and web traffic stats with an Android tablet. It allows you to see how well you are doing on the search engines by showing you how much traffic you are pulling from them. You can check your stat through logging in to the app and looking at statistic charts and other queries that will help you to figure out and judge your SEO campaign. You can see your traffic sources and your daily visitors. You can also try the pro version which does not have adverts.


This app is good if you already know a bit about SEO. It will highlight your links and highlight any needed CSS removal. It has a number of analysis tools for you to play with. It has lots of tools for creating reports and helping you with your analysis. It has SERP previews, Micro-data analysis, Response analysis, redirection analysis and text analysis.

The amount of little tools and analysis that this app does is one of the great reasons why you should download the app and use it. It offers you those little tools that would seem pointless on a desktop computer, but that are fun if not informative on your Android tablet.

Plus, the amount of time it takes to load the app means that you do not lose anything if you do not gain at least a little bit of useable information. Just remember not to take the analysis too seriously, as the app has a way of simplifying things that may make trick you into incorrect assumptions.

Google Analytics

This is a fantastic app because it gives you most of the features that you get with the Google Analytics desktop tool. The Google analytics program is the best free program online at the moment. It will tell you traffic figures, referring domains, etc. so that even an SEO novice will be able to gain some useful information from the app.

The Google analytics program is used by a lot of webmasters and is probably being used by you, so downloading the app is common sense. A lot of the stuff you need to check on Google analytics is standard, so there is little point in signing on with a desktop computer every day when you can check your progress in minutes with your Android app.


This app will show you how well you are doing with your SEO. It will show you your Alexa rank and your Google PageRank. It uses this information to tell you how well your SEO campaign is coming along. You can see a historical view of your searches and you can see the external and internal links relating to your website. Seeing your ranking on Google and Alexa will help you to figure out how effective your current efforts are.

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