Top 5 Best Features in Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has been newly introduced through Google throughout an experience to got position in San Francisco. It is not simply an update version immediately via name or system but Google has absolutely finished a number of enhancements inside it, which willpower certainly attract the publishers, designers as well as customer as well. This much sweeter Jelly Bean is at the moment too accessible resting on Tablets all along with Google Nexus Phones.

Top 5 Features Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

These newly finished advancements in the newest Android version (Android 4.3) willpower allow your Android devices work next to a a large amount nearer speed with extra accuracy. Google has released as well as upgraded original essentials within apps so as to offer much towering superiority graphics as well as animations.

Top 5 features of newly ready android version are as follows:

1.      Provides support for Restricted Profiles

This can be considered as the best features for those users who have kids, as this features helps in maintaining a parental control on an Android device by providing restricted profiles.

Google previously introduced additional number of users or multi-users for a device in their last Android version (Android 4.2), in Android 4.3 Google has upgraded this feature to an advanced level. Now the device owner can create restricted profiles which help in controlling the activities of users on the device. It also provides protection from making any in-app purchases. So, this feature also seems ideal for guest users and Point of Sale (POS) devices.

2.      OpenGL ES 3.0 for High-Quality Graphics

Android 4.3 has enhanced some features for game developers and users too and this feature is the most noticeable among rest. For normal users, this feature shows outstanding visual effects and 1080p graphics on Android devices. For game developers, it helps in graphics editing and rendering by providing sophisticated shadows, lens flares and improved reflections in graphics.

3.      Bluetooth Smart Ready

This newly developed Android version has designed with Low-Energy Bluetooth also called Bluetooth Smart Ready. This feature also acts as a sensor as you can connect the accessories (that can be connected by Bluetooth support) like smart watch, heart beat rate sensor through Bluetooth Smart Ready. Through this support you can use medical trackers, fitness trackers, location trackers and much more.

4.      Upgraded Wi-Fi Scanning

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version is designed with always enabled Wi-Fi scanning. This feature also acts a location tracker as it can help the user in finding locations with using GPS service all the time. In short, this up gradation in Android version gives you location-based features. Wi-Fi can also be switched off through settings if you want to save battery although this feature doesn’t consume much of the battery.

5.      Notification Access

Notification Access can be considered as one of the most prominent feature of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Using this feature all the notifications that form the status bar can be accessed by the user. Users love to have these notifications on the top of their Android device display screen.

These notifications can also exist displayed within other apps of user’s selection by means of Bluetooth otherwise extra linked devices. It as well facilitates on the way to diverge plus dismiss notifications read standing.

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