Top 10 Best Tips to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

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Alexa Rank is the second main factor that plays viral role according to the advertisers point of view.  Most of the webmasters or advertisers judge your blog or website through Alexa rank, and it you have good Alexa rank of your blog or website, then you can easily get advertisers to promote their products on your blog.

If you are looking for any method or tips that can help you to improve Alexa rank of your your blog, then you must need to read this full guide that will surely help you.

Best Tips to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

Top 10 Best Tips to Increase Alexa Rank of Your Blog

Follow all the tips mentioned below in order to improve your Alexa rank quickly:

Add your Website/Blog to Alexa

Before getting started, the very first thing that you should need to do is that you should need to register and add your website/blog to alexa. Once you are done with it, move to the next step

Install Alexa Toolbar

The second thing that you should need to do is to install the Alexa toolbar in your browser and recommend it to your friends as well and ask them to install it on their default internet browsers.

Claim your website

Now in order to get full control and to let other people know that who is the main person behind such blog, you will need to claim your website or blog, it will help you in improving Alexa.

Putting Alexa Widget on Your Blog

Interesting thing is that Alexa only counts those hits that passes under their system, so if you are using their widget on your blog, then there are more chances to have good Alexa for your blog quickly.

Gain Traffic from Geeky and Blogging Related Internet Users

In order to improve Alexa rank quickly, you should need to gain more and more traffic from geek (tech related) and blogging niche related internet users. Once you have Alexa rank less than 20k, you will easily be able to get attention of top advertisers towards your blog.

Write a Review about Alexa on Your Blog

Write a 400-500 words based honest review about Alexa on your blog and share it with your friends and blog readers.

Write Content Related to Blogging, SEO/Internet Marketing

The more content you will be going to publisher under blogging, seo and internet marketing topics, the more bloggers/internet users will love to visit your blog or website. Thus, in this way you will be able to get some good Alexa rank for your blog.

Commenting & Backlinking

Another useful method used by most of webmasters and bloggers in order to boost their Alexa is through commenting on other blogs and starting building up high quality and useful backlinks for your blog.

Write Quality Content

The main key to get more traffic and backlinks is through writing quality content on your blog. The more interesting stuff you will publish on your blog, the more people will love to link back your articles. Also if you have some good quality content, readers will love to read your blog again and again.

Update your Blog Daily

Last but useful and important tip or method that can really help you in improving Alexa rank of your blog is to start writing articles for your blog on daily basis.

I hope these tips will surely be going to increase Alexa rank of your blog. Let us know in comments which tips you are using currently, also if you have any query feel free to ask in comments section.

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