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Samsung & Apple Rivalries Moving In No Direction

Samsung & Apple Rivalries Moving In No Direction

Samsung Inc a Korean based company that is famous for making quality consumers electronic products and now it is becoming market leader in cell phone and Smartphone making. Let us not forget that there are many other companies that are famous for manufacturing cell phones and one of the famous brands is Apple Inc. Samsung is going up in users rating, so Apple is feeling itself somehow unstable.

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U.S Senate Computers Have Been Hacked

U.S Senate Computers Have Been Hacked

United States who considers it the world’s super power is now under the attack of several hackers. It seems that 2011 is the year of hackers; they have attacked Gmail, Sony online servers, codemasters website and many others.

The most amazing and shocking news is that hackers have attacked the U.S senate computers. There is a hacker group with the name “Lulz” who have done this hacking activity. The security officials of U.S senate said that the hacking act has not attacked a single individual but only the computer that is in the use of Public got hacked.

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Newspaper from China Warned Google Regarding Hacking Claims

Newspaper from China Warned Google Regarding Hacking Claims

The issue of Gmail hacking has taken a serious turn when the government officials from both the countries involved. The U.S is symbolizing these attacks with the cyber war. China is an emerging super power and having 450 million internet users. So China can affect the global economy of internet.

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Security Checking By U.S Whether The Gmail Accounts Are Compromised Or Not

Security Checking By U.S Whether The Gmail Accounts Are Compromised Or Not

Google has reported that the Gmail accounts of many users have been hacked by Chinese hackers who lived in Jinan. The main and astonishing thing in this is the hacking of the accounts that are related to high U.S officials, Chinese activists and journalists.

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Google – Gmail Become Third Most Popular E-mail

Google’s Gmail has beat AOL as the third most visited e-mail service in the U.S. and is on the edge to pass Windows Live Hotmail.
Between July 2008 and July 2009, Gmail’s number of unique monthly visitors in the U.S. increased from 25.3 million to 36.9 million, according to ComScore.
Gmail’s rate of traffic escalation has been mounting, too. In the July 2008 to July 2009 period, Gmail grew at a rate of 46%, up from 39% during the period between September 2007 and September 2008.
From July 2008 to July 2009, AOL’s monthly visitor total declined by 19%, from 45.1 million to 36.4 million. Windows Live Hotmail, which lost 4% of its visitors between September 2007 and September 2008, managed to 3% gain during the July 2008 to July 2009 period.

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Innovative iGoogle Gadgets influence OpenSocial to Competitor Facebook

Google’s iGoogle is pretty much my home page for the Web. I check Gmail, Facebook, weather, movie times and blog updates and use other gadgets from there every day.

Accordingly, I was interested to see Google yesterday, Aug. 6, launch 12 social gadgets that let users share information, play games and collaborate with friends. This is the next step in Google’s progressive move to socialize its Web services using theOpenSocial APIs it launched nearly two years ago.

Facebook has been allowing its users to connect via applications since it launched its developer platform more than two years ago. Programmers have built thousands of apps on Facebook since then, allowing users to throw virtual sheep and host zombie wars.

Third-party programmers have been announcing OpenSocial-based Friend Connect apps here and there, but Google has been woefully behind in leveraging the APIs itself. These social gadgets show the company is ready to open things up a bit more in this vein.

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