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9% Of Android Devices Are At Password Theft Risk

9% Of Android Devices Are At Password Theft Risk

You might have heard of various thefts but now days the trends of theft are diverging to digitized theft that includes exposition of passwords, personal information and different credentials. With the advancement in technology the attackers and hackers are getting into new techniques and they are getting acquainted to such illegal activities by using diverse resources.

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Facebook Is More Effective Than Twitter For Top News Websites

Facebook Is More Effective Than Twitter For Top News Websites

The world has become global village and it is due to the online or virtual communications. Now question arises how can we do virtual communication? Social networking websites or you can platforms are very helpful in this regard and serving the world of internet in a better way.

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Social Networking & Bin Laden’s Death

Social Networking & Bin Laden’s Death

Well, today I am going to tell you very interesting and amazing facts regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden with reference to social networking. Everyone knows that U.S.A was striving hard to kill or capture Bin Laden and was searching him in all over world. The war in Afghanistan was also done because America wants to capture Osama. At that time Social media was not so common and people really don’t trust it.

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Twitter User From Abbottabad Sohaib Athar Reported Live Osama Bin Laden Raid

Twitter User From Abbottabad Sohaib Athar Reported Live Osama Bin Laden Raid

Social networking and online journalism has really become strong and lots of people get to know several things from it. The facebook and twitter are main tools of social networking. As you all know that facebook recently done a great job when common people express their views about the regime of President Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak and the spiral of silence was ended through facebook.

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Twitter is Now 4 Billion Dollar Worth – Tweets

Twitter marketplace value has reached $4 billion presently a month after it raised $200 million into funding. According to SharesPost, a secondary market for trade with selling stock in privately held companies, Twitter value has jumped to $4.0 billion, based on top of recent transactions.

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Send Email to your Contacts and Make calls via Drag and Drop

Apple Phone app – Favorites as well as Dialvetica. Through leveraging the API of iOS with the aim of permit for 3rd party apps to access your contact list, these apps are focused resting on letting you rapidly access your preferred contacts as well as either call them, text them or else email them with […]

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Nokia C7 Shipping Started

Nokia C7 has started shipping to customers around the world. The second Nokia smartphone based on the new Symbian platform, the Nokia C7 follows hot on the heels of the company’s entertainment powerhouse, the Nokia N8.

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Google Realtime Search Launched

Google Inc launched a website on August 26 for users who want to sift through news, comments and other information on the Internet in real time, letting them follow conversations on social network hubs such as Facebook and Twitter in one place. The move expands the Internet search leader’s efforts to compete with Microsoft Corp’s […]

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Now Tweet With Mobilink Blackberry Smartphone

To make tweeting simpler for its customers, Mobilink indigo has ‘pushed’ Twitter onto its BlackBerry base so all they have to do is just click the ‘Twitter’ icon on their handsets and start tweeting. Mobilink BlackBerry users can also dial 120 for more details. With vast nationwide coverage and competitive tariff plans, Mobilink sees every […]

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