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Pakistan tops LINREasia's TRE Survey!

Pakistan tops LINREasia's TRE Survey!

The recent Telecom Regulatory Environment (TRE) Survey conducted by LIRNEasia showed an improvement in TRE in Pakistan since 2008. India and Indonesia also showed improvement while Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Philippines showed decline in performance. Thailand showed no significant improvement than last year.

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Nokia Commitment To Environmental Sustainability

At Nokia their main focus is on sustainability of environment and it is embedded in all the departments like operations, production and services. This helps to create positive effects of mobile technology for consumers, enables us to make a real difference to the environment and to driving sustainable development. Nokia’s china operations reflects the image […]

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Nokia a Responsible Manufacturer

Every top leading business is in a race to be on cutting edge but Nokia has put sustainability and environmental protection in its Beijing campus with 10 % sustainability built in that make it the one of the most environment friendly building in the china. Double glass curtain keep the building temperature constant and natural light keeps the electricity bill down.

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Samsung’s Multi-Million dollar environment drive

Samsung’s Multi-Million dollar environment drive

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in electronics and digital convergence technologies, announced the first year results of its extensive PlanetFirst™ initiative, a companywide commitment to become one of the world’s most environmentally friendly companies by 2013. It has achieved many comprehensive sustainability goals, by investing US$865 million in Green Manufacturing Sites to develop […]

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Nokia Publishes Its 2009 Sustainability Report

Nokia today published its 2009 Sustainability report. The report contains facts, figures and examples of sustainability initiatives and provides a new level of transparency regarding social and environmental responsibility. “This report gives some great insights into the work Nokia does to enhance sustainability,” says Esko Aho, EVP Corporate Relations and Responsibility. “We believe that mobile […]

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HP Go Green, Save Mother Nature

HP Go Green, Save Mother Nature

Being technologists, we believe to move ahead with much more aggression but at the same time we have to plan and act comprehensively to ensure that our successors could safely enjoy the benefits of technology we are producing today.

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Local govt’s flawed policy | Phone towers fan feuds

Local govt’s flawed policy | Phone towers fan feuds

The flawed policy of the local government on installation of Base Transceiver Station (BTS) of phone companies in the residential areas has turned many neighbours into stanch enemies.

The beneficiaries, who let their places to the companies against handsome rents, are facing litigation by and disputes with the other residents of the neighbourhood who are highly unhappy with the installation of towers emitting deadly radiations and the sickly noise of mega generators installed at towers sites. The official sources told The Post that TMAs and CDGL allowed the phone companies to install towers without consulting the environment department and now people are rushing with lots of complaints to the offices of the environment department.

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