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Mobilink’s Q3, 2010 – Revenues Up 9.6 %

In Pakistan, the economy was strongly hit by the major flood, causing a loss of infrastructure and agricultural crops. It has been estimated that GDP growth may drop to 2%, missing the 4.5% GDP initial growth target, which will inevitably have a significant effect on the operation‟s growth in the country. Mobilink‟s infrastructure was also hit with damages to over 400 sites out of a total of 8,070 sites. Responsive measures were quickly undertaken to ensure the operation of our network. As part of Orascom Telecom‟s corporate social responsibility program, OTH joined in relief efforts by launching a donation campaign in partnership with the World Food Program, and with the cooperation of the Mobilink Foundation, WIND Canada and Wind Italy for the benefit of the flood victims in Pakistan. Furthermore, the employees of Mobilink offered their services in relief efforts, which resulted in over 1,000 volunteer hours dedicated to more than 112,000 victims of the flood.

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Telenor Interim Report Q3 2010, Pakistan Getting Better as Expected

In the third quarter of 2010, Telenor Group reported revenues of NOK 24.1 billion, representing an organic revenue growth of six per cent. EBITDA before other items was NOK 7.9 billion, EBITDA margin was 33 per cent, and operating cash flow margin was 23 per cent. Telenor’s consolidated mobile operations added seven million subscriptions during the quarter.

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Wateen’s Performance Beats Forecast / Wateen Surpasses Expectations

Wateen’s Performance Beats Forecast / Wateen Surpasses Expectations

In the annual report published this week, Wateen Telecom Limited has posted Rs 8,608 million as revenues in the year ended June 30, 2010 (FY10) with the gross margin for second half of FY10 increasing to 38% from 30% compared to the first half of FY10

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Mobilink Posts Strong Growth in First Half of 2010

Mobilink, Pakistan’s market leader in cellular services and part of Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH), has posted strong revenues, higher EBITDA and increasing subscriber base in the first half of 2010 as compared to the same period last year. According to the results published by OTH, Mobilink subscriber base increased by 10.5% as compared to same […]

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Mobilink Shown Healthy Revenue Growth at 4.2%

Pakistani operation, Mobilink, has shown healthy revenue growth at 4.2% in comparison to Q1 of 2009, thanks to an increased number in subscribers. In preparation for new entrants into the markets of Tunisia and Bangladesh, our operations witnessed successful subscriber uptake and lucrative revenue growth of 16% and 20% respectively, while solidifying their market positions. […]

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Mobilink Revenues Grow Base Expands

Mobilink Revenues Grow Base Expands

Mobilink, the country’s market leader in cellular communications and part of the Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) registered an increase in subscriber base and revenues for Q4 2009 as compared to previous quarter of the same year. Mobilink demonstrated positive trends in the fourth quarter of 2009 as the company’s revenues as per local currency showed […]

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