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Syntax is a company that has been providing its services since long time over 40 years throughout North America. It was founded in 1972. It provides technical services to all size of business. It brings solution for work for businesses by providing various kinds of services.

It is a hub of solution for problem in workstation of companies. It has array of services that it provides such as strategic consulting, system integration, project management, programming, design and development, installation, training, etc. It provides services with quality, efficiency and usefulness. It has wide range of management with strong leadership. It is on the way to its goal with constant motion of improvement. Trust on it of its client is intact with great integration. The company has more than 100 employees with offices in several places such as New York, Montreal, Toronto, and Boston.

SYNTAX - Business Solutions

SYNTAX is in partnership with IBM, Oracle and other world leading technological companies. It has huge integration and combination of hardware and software to provide uninterrupted services to the customers. It understands the value of services with quality to the customers keeping its promise and quality and momentum. The company makes up gradation of its services for better performance and for the maintenance of its dignity and quality. It is a support for businesses to run smoothly and with fruitful result. Without a well-established technique a business cannot go forward and cannot face the challenges and competition to come. SYNTAX brings solutions for such challenges and completion for its customers.

Its Services

After long time of implementation and improvement, the company makes itself one of known and fore-front company. And now it is one of the leading company in providing in-dept. knowledge and experiences for customers. It also has a well-established distribution management system. It provides good services of cloud computing. It has huge integration and combination of hardware and software that makes it able to provide hosting services and online business solutions for companies. It makes the IT department of a company strong and reliable. Some of its cloud services are: ERP hosting, System operation monitoring, backups including offsite data storage, network monitoring, communication support, security management. For a business, communication is the key factor that makes the business smooth and active. Without communication a business cannot stay alive. SYNTAX provides highly efficient communication systems for businesses.

Its Peculiarities

It also understands the importance of up-gradation, so it keeps upgrading of operating system, equipment, databases, service pack, and security changes. Moreover, intelligently it provides good disaster recovery technique. Nobody can fore-tell the appearance of disasters. Disaster can bring a bad time of its services for businesses, so the company is ready for any disaster. It has services such as: disaster recovery procedure, disaster recovery test, disaster recovery execution. SYNTAX nurtures the point that it is the business of the company to stay top of current and emerging technologies that allows them to provide leading edge technology and server consolidation strategies. It delivers complete and powerful technology infrastructure that works for customers, suppliers and employees.

It has strong and powerful hardware platforms, such as: IBM power system, IBM system X, IBM storage. These are powerful machines of IBM that can perform complex task with very high speed. Syntax uses these machines to provide strong, powerful and efficient services to its customers. With the combination of networking equipment such as routers, hubs, switches and firewall, these machines are used as a powerful communication system. One of the most appealing strategy of SYNTAX is that it has a system for training and education. Training and education is the way to keep a company updated and upgraded. And a good consultation service keeps the relation with customers intact. Training increases staff productivity and helps the staff reduce errors because it increases and furnishes knowledge. It has schedules of class, classroom and customs that makes the company perfect and incredible.

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