Shahid Khan Afridi on Comparison with Imran Khan – Video Interview

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Shahid Afridi with any doubt is one of the most stylish sportsmen in the international cricket arena. Back in Pakistan he surely one of those who have a great following and are considered as youth icons.

Afridi has his own style and charisma and is beloved by millions of people in the world. He has appeared in many talk shows and sports programs.

Afridi on Comparison with Imran Khan - Video

In such a TV program Afridi was expressed his views about his hero the lion of Lahore Imran Khan. Afridi was asked how he sees Imran Khan and how it feels when people compare him with Imran Khan.

Afridi’s reply was really a logical one and he used his words very intelligently. He said that Imran Khan is my hero.

I used to watch him to TV playing cricket and from there I started dreaming about being a cricketer. He was my ideal and inspiration when it comes to cricket.

Shahid Afridi reply on Comparison with Imran Khan Question

As for the stylish and youth icon Imran Khan holds an upper hand in this field as compared to me. People love him more than any other cricket player.

I have meet him a lot of times and every time I felt my hear t pumping inside my chest. As for comparing myself to him there is no match.

Shahid Khan Afridi with Imran Khan with School Childrens

He is far better than me and the youth loves him a lot. He is in an old age but yet look at the craziness the youth carries in their hearts for Imran Khan.

I really feel honor than I am compared with a person who is my hero and I respect him from the bottom of my heart.

Afridi has been many times nominated as the most stylish player and also one of the biggest youth icons back in Pakistan.

Imran Khan and Shahid Afridi together Interview

Afridi has a grace of his own and apart from Pakistan he is greatly admired in rest of the world for his personality and cricketing talent.

Imran Khan is by far much better than me in cricket as well as being stylish and presentable. He is the real youth icon for me.

Imran Khan at this age still carries a massive number of fans and most of them are the youngsters in Pakistan so this clearly shows that the youth admires him a lot.

Comparing me to him is really no match at all. I have my own personality and Imran Khan has his own one, he is my hero and if you think there is some comparison then I am really grateful for such thought.

For me he is much popular than me and that is for sure. I have seen people going crazy about him and youth is a big part of those numbers. So comparing me to Imran Khan is something like one being compared to his hero.

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