Sensor in Galaxy S5 cChecks Heart Rate anytime, Any Place

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Heart problem nowadays, is one of the biggest and common health related concerns. Most of it is caused by use of unhygienic food and starchy meat items. What’s required in these conditions is a proper checkup of heart rate and an active fitness regime. Heart rate monitors and fitness tracking meters are used widely but cannot be carried along all the time due to their weight and size.

Sensor in Galaxy S5 cChecks Heart Rate

Samsung Electronics, with its latest flagship Smartphone Galaxy S5, has made in roads in delivering healthy lifestyle with significant new features including the built-in heart rate tracker.  This gives consumers the convenience of checking their heart rate status at any place and at any passage of time.

Farid Ullah Jan, Head of Mobile Business, Samsung Electronics Pakistan said, “Samsung Galaxy S5 is an amazingly innovative phone which provides support for living healthy lifestyles. Through S5, consumers can accurately measure their heart rates using an easy process, without the assistance from a medical rep.”

“Managing health regime is the best solution that Galaxy S5 has produced in this competitive market. With no other phone coming up with such innovative features, Samsung has proven that it makes products that matters the most to consumers” He added.

The heart rate sensor calculates how quickly red blood cells flow into your vessels, and measures user’s pulse and number of beats per minute. Doctors recommend checking heart rate at every possible opportunity. Consumers can implement this thought by using the Galaxy S5 Smartphone.

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