Pentagon to Monitor Social Networking Sites for Threats

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To deal with threats like cyber terrorism and other major events that might take place, pentagon has planned to use social networking sites for it. $42m (£25m) are offered by the US department of defence to monitor the social networks and thus track the misinformation from where it emerges , develops and from where it spreads.

According to a document presented at the offices of the military contractor System Planning Corporation, Darpa, the defence advanced research projects agency, is also trying to find out the people that are involved in these activities and what basically they want by doing all this. They also want to know that to how much extent does the online campaigns matter in shaping views or gathering support and opinion on any specific issue.

The American efforts to oversee or handle social media have tended to focus on non-US-language operations in the Middle East but wings of the military are categorizing other online groups as threats. The new proposals by the US government are also intended to automatically create social media content by means of fake accounts or bots.

This year in March, it was pointed out that a contract has been given to US Central Command (Centcom) to develop a software that generates the fake identities that are used to advertise a specific vision while concealing the real identity of the user. These accounts are so- called “sock puppet” accounts .

Jeff Jarvis, Internet commentator rejected the earlier work to implement such technologies as “appalling and amusing”.

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