New Features Introduced By Facebook & Google + Simultaneously

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A report from The Reuters states the Facebook and Google + are being loaded with new features simultaneously. These features were announced in back to back announcements made by both companies yesterday. Well, it is just a start to a new era of competition between these tech giants.

Google’s flagship search engine has been integrated into its 3 month old social network. The membership is now open on the internet. Google has also expanded its “Hangouts” video chat feature for mobile use and broadcasting.

Up to nine people can link and chat with a user on the Hangouts feature? The company said that this feature will be available on camera equipped smart phones. It will be powered by the android software. Soon Google will release the same feature supporting Apple’s iOS devices.


This feature allows the user to hold an online broadcast. The host will be able to record a session and broadcast it for internet access. A member of popular band hosted the first “hangout”

Senior vice president Vic Gundotra said “Hangouts should keep pace with how you socialize in the real world, so today we are launching it on the one device that’s always on your side: your mobile phone.”

On the other hand Facebook said that it is going to introduce new “ticker” on the user’s homepages. These will provide real time notifications regarding what your friends are doing on the network. Service’s main news feed has also been revamped to flag important items for example a new baby announcement for those users who did not log on for a few days. The size of photos appearing in the users news feed has also been increased.


The No.1 social networking site is Facebook, now a days, having over 750 million users. A number of improvements have been made by the company to its service. These seem to match the features which are used by Google+ to compete with its rival.

It was not mentioned that how many people had joined Google +, but it was confirmed that the social network was open to all people instead of invitation-only as it previously had been. It is estimated by analysts that over 25 million people have joined it since its inception.

The Google search engine is also available within the network. Users can search from it and get results from the worldwide internet.

Google’s new social network, which has Facebook CEO as a member, has met skepticism so far. Some people are waiting to see that if Google can maintain the rapid momentum of its first months.

If CEO Larry Page’s own project, Google + which some people might say mimics categorizing of friends like in real life better than Facebook – takes off, this will come to a pivotal moment to its big rival. It is widely expected that Facebook will go public in 2012.

“We’re nowhere near done, but the improvements we’ve made so far we’re ready to move from field trial to beta,” Gundotra added.

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