Motorola's New Droid Bionic Tore Down (Pictures)

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Motorola’s new smartphone “Droid Bionic�? is certainly the biggest smartphone release of this month. Yesterday, the Droid Bionic was made available officially by Verizon stores and Amazon. So, all the Droid series fans are now finally able to buy their so much anticipated smartphone.

You might aware of a website called iFixit, this website is popular for their hands on images for the latest devices. Well, these hands on images are very different from the other sites, iFixit, usually tear these latest devices up and show images of all the hardware components in that device under the hood.

Here we are with the iFixit’s new venture, they have successfully tore down the new Droid Bionic by Motorola and following are the images which show the whole process of tearing down this device.

You can see the whole process of tearing down the Droid Bionic in the above pictures and as usual it started with the removal of battery door and battery. Then, they removed the microSD card and after that 4G SIM card was extracted too. After these, a prying tool was used to snap the device open. Firstly, EMI shields went along with the SIM card holder and after that the device’s ribbon cables were also removed.

According to iFixit, Motorola never gave a megapixel count to the front camera of Droid Bionic officially but the VGA quality of the front camera shows 0.3 MP. So, after the front camera is being pulled off, now, only all the chips and other things are left on the board. These other things are not useless ones, these things make the phone run basically, like OMAP processor and SanDisk flash memory. Last but not the least, Droid Bionic comes with a Gorilla glass display, so, that gorilla glass which is covering the screen is being removed at the end.

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