Kaymu opens Pakistan’s largest shopping mall and brings online shopping to you!

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Kaymu opens largest shopping mall at Festival

As a Karachiite, my understanding of constituency elections, or any politically charged happening, entails a citywide shutdown. Hence, obviously, I was taken aback when I learnt that Lahore is hosting a Family Festival on the same day as the NA 122 elections.

Living in this city (Karachi) has taught me to expect exams to be cancelled and events to be ruined due to a press conference, video call from London or even funeral prayers if a political personality is involved. No surprises that a successful event in Lahore on the same day as such an intense political happening left my eyes wider open than normal.

Families gathered at Kaymu.pk Festival

Families gathered for a fun day at the Lahore Expo to witness live cooking demonstrations by their favorite chefs and let their kids enjoy rides and games as they enjoyed food and music.

While the HUM TV stall was hands down the most happening and noisiest of stalls, and Nestlé was one popular stall as it was distributing free goodies, the Kaymu stall was offering a one of a kind shopping experience, enabling visitors to browse through products on the website using tablets or computers, place an order, and make the payment once the product was delivered to them a short while after.

Kaymu team did not only convert non-users of the platform into users

The Kaymu team did not only convert non-users of the platform into users, but also invested in explaining e commerce and online shopping to visitors, many of whom considered it to be an alien concept. It was by this two pronged strategy, which did not only focus on increasing orders, but also on raising awareness and creating understanding that the team members established faith and trust in the ecommerce platform to a certain extent. The interaction between visitors and the Kaymu team, (which also included Kaymu Pakistan MD Adam Dawood) and the sellers who run their shops on kaymu.pk certainly humanized an otherwise virtual and digitized space.

If you have ever shopped online, we would love to know of how you got past that mental barrier the first time you clicked BUY NOW. This can go a long way in helping the large ecommerce players to further understand problem areas and devise an even better strategy to reach out.

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