Kaymu hosts mentoring session for TCF Students

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Kaymu.pk, Pakistan’s leading online shopping community, hosted a mentoring session for students of The Citizens Foundation (TCF), as part of the TCF Rahbar program, at the Kaymu office in Karachi.

Kaymu hosts mentoring session for TCF Students

TCF Rahbar is a mentorship program aimed at the development of youth as responsible and productive members of society. An important aspect of the program is the �?Exposure Trip’ which enables the students to discover various professions and broaden their horizon by visiting a workplace.

“The idea behind Rahbar program is to familiarize TCF kids with the positive life lessons so they can pursue the road to success with greater zeal. Exposure trip is an integral part of the program with strong aspirational value for our kids. They gets insights about the workplace life and understand how dreams orchestrate into reality with education, strong will and focus,” said Faiza Aziz, Head of Volunteer & Alumni, TCF. She also added, “We are grateful to organizations like Kaymu for being an instrumental partner in furthering our cause.”

As part of the �?Exposure Trip’, Kaymu team took the students through each department in the organization and explained how the website connects and empowers buyers and sellers. To inculcate the concept of entrepreneurship and online selling, 17-year-old Kaymu entrepreneur, Daniyal Admani, spoke about his experience of managing an online business, while also pursuing his education.

Also present on the occasion, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Kaymu, Adam Dawood said “We are very pleased to host this session for the students and contribute to the aspirations of the next generation. Kaymu is committed to promote entrepreneurship and explain the potential that the internet offers. We have many young sellers on our platform who are running their own businesses and we hope to inspire and empower more enterprising minds towards the same.”

Other prominent companies that were part of this Rahbar Exposure Trip are Coca-Cola, Al-Karam, Gul Ahmed and Khaadi.

About TCF

TCF is a professionally managed, non-profit organization set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the dismal state of education in Pakistan. It is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of formal education. As of 2015, TCF has established 1060 purpose-built school units nationwide with an enrolment of 165,000 students. TCF encourages female enrolment and strives to maintain a 50% female ratio in most of its campuses. The vision of TCF is to remove barriers of class and privilege and to make the citizens of Pakistan Agents of Positive Change.

About Kaymu.pk

Kaymu.pk is the largest online shopping community in Pakistan which connects and empowers buyers and sellers to take advantage of the best deals on an extensive range of products including electronics, mobile phones, fashion items and gadgets. It has around 15,000 sellers and over 300,000 buyers on its platform from all over Pakistan.

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