How To Unlock iPhone 5S – Tutorial

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We have seen that unlocking or jailbreaking of Apple devices (specially iPhone) has been a pretty common thing now but someone has hardly thought about the reasons and conflicts behind the hand. Apple developers earn and want to earn more and more revenues from the customers on as much things as possible and that’s why Apple totally opposes this unlocking trend. Customer is someone who wish to have every app and wants to enjoy all the open downloading of apps from his iPhone at low cost and unlocking method thus seems to be a best way to fulfill customers open desires.

How To Unlock iPhone 5s

Like all the previous releases of iPhone from A4 to A5, the customers always have been totally impatiently waiting for it and this is the reason that Apple got a thousand million of pre-orders before even release. Same will be the case  here again with the release of iPhone 5S which is said to be launched soon. It is a common nature of a customer that after purchasing a phone and spending a lot of money on it, he won’t be then willing to spent even a single peny for its maintenance and customization to make it upto his level. At this point the unlocking of the iPhone 5S will rescue the customer.

Why To Unlock Your iPhone?

Unlocking has been an amazing thing for the customer which can allow him to explore everything he wants in his device. It might be a bit tricky and technical method to unblock a device using some specific unblocking tools which might look weird first but when the user will get familiar to them, he can then get used to it exploring the various horizons of apps world.

Note: Besides exploring this unblocking method by himself, a customer should be careful of the occurring risks which can possibly result into zero profit and sometimes even into destruction of the phone. So be careful and stick to the experienced steps.


Before having start with the unlocking procedure, the user should make it sure that there is an authenticated reliable website to whom he is following. After that follow the steps guided on that site, such as follows:

  • Firstly Download the relevant software from the website.
  • Move along the instruction-path of jailbreaking given on the site.
  • Installing Cydia will then allow you to access and get your device an appropriate unlocking software.
  • To achieve  this jailbreaking it is necessary for your device to get into the DFU mode.
  • With the completion of the above steps the user will then be allowed to your any of the SIM card  on his iPhone 5S.
  • Any kind of disturbance to your phone apart of the unlocking process given on the site, can prove harmful.
  •  At last, the user will finally get the message ” PHONE UNLOCKED SUCCESSFULLY”. The user will finally get the fruit off his efforts.
  • Add the SIM card in your unlocked iPhone 5S and get access to the world’s top most apps which you want to.


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