How To Set Up Quick Access Camera To Galaxy S3 And Note 2

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Camera is the most exciting thing in our phones. We love to capture moments and to capture memories for ourselves. It is obvious that whenever we buy a new phone, if I speak specifically of nowadays, new phone in terms of smartphones, the first thing we check are the camera’s megapixels. The larger the megapixels, we know the picture would be captured more clear and clean.

Quick Access Camera To Galaxy S3

A smartphone has made the life easier, rather than carrying a camera in your hand to capture pictures, it has created a phone into a camera as well, and people prefer to take pictures more than from their phones instead of the cameras.  That’s a good advancement I would say because you won’t have to carry two things at a time, you can only carry your cell phone and it’s a whole package for you in one device.

There must have been situations where you want to capture a moment right instant but before you unlock your phone to capture the moment, the moment is over, which really gets you mad, but by reading more of this article you won’t have to worry about it. Samsung Galaxy S3 has its way to let you access your cell camera in just a second without you missing the moment and you can capture it right instant. Android OS has created easier ways for its users that’s why people are shifting more towards android than other phones.

To have an access of instant shortcut for the camera on your Android device, it has a preloaded theme of TouchWiz in your phone.

  • Now open the settings on the menu of this theme and tap lock screen and then lock screen options
  • This slides the screen to another view of it and under the “features” heading you will see the first option which is “camera quick access”, tap the button which will turn “on” this feature for you.

Note that this feature is enabled only if you unlock your screen with a swipe, without it having any password or pattern.  For your privacy issues you can lock each individual app on your phone, it is not necessary to lock the whole device locked, because that is what gets you late to capture the moment while you are unlocking your phone with a password or a pattern.

Everyone likes to take photos and save it to build memories for their own. This helps you remember of good times spend with others.  It is better to make a use of smartphone’s feature the accurate way and not to miss out any special and precious moments which you want to capture and keep it with you your whole life as a memory.

If you follow the very easy steps mentioned above, you won’t face any trouble in setting it up and you will be able to capture the moments just in seconds on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2. Android makes its best and convenient use for you either it’s a cellphone or a tablet.

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