How To Jailbreak iOS 5 Using RedSn0w

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Ok then at last we have got the new one from Apple, the new iPhone 4S. The thing that we are looking into now is to jailbreak it and installing Cydia which is known to be the largest App store after the “Apple’s App Store”. Jailbreaking is now not considered to be illegal. Everyone should not worry about to jailbreak it because it is going to be jailbroken soon because an announcement has been made by the Chronic Dev Team that there are five software exploits found in A5. In case of iPad 2 its jailbreak was late because it was quite difficult to find bootroom which comes out to be inside the A5 processor.


They should prove themselves to be good for iOS 5 and other four revisions of software. If this thing is still not enough for you then according to Geohot there is another hardware exploit which may help us to jailbreak the device for once or maybe for all. We will be running Cydia soon on our smartphone.

In order to have GSM you will have to register a SIM card while it is not in case of CDMA because it does not require a SIM for the identification of the network. As iPhone 4S are going to be very much identical so its conversion to CDMA will not going to matter a lot.

iOS 5 has been released by Apple and you can jailbreak it very easily. Jailbreaking allows whatever we wants with the settings like to access such settings which are not available at the moment. The method for its jailbreak is as follows:

  • By using iTunes 10.5 download iOS on your device.
  • Connect it with the computer and power it off.
  • Download latest redsn0w via iPhone Dev team. If you are using an updated version of Mac or Windows of about 0.9.9b5 then it will automatically select the appropriate IPSW file an you will not have to do anything while in case of previous versions you will have to manually select.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and press on redsn0w.exe.
  • Click on Jailbreak and then click “next”.

  • Follow the instructions to enter DFU mode which requires to hold power button for 3 seconds anf home button for 10 and then release power button and press home for another 15 minutes.
  • Select install cydia and again click on next.
  • Your device is now jailbroken.
  • Now reboot your device and connect with computer. Fire redsn0w and click on extras from start screen. Choose Just Boot and instructions will be given for entering DFU mode.

Jailbreak iOS 5 Video Using Redsn0w 0.9.9.b4:

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