How to Block People in iOS 7 to Stop Receiving Unwanted Messages and Calls

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Use the feature of iOS to block some people from messaging, voice call, or Face Time. Many people have been complaining for a long time that they find themselves unable to block people they do not want to communicate when they are using iOS. This is particularly the case ever since Face Time and iMessage were launched with iOS.2

Block People in iOS 7

Once a person got hold of your email ID, your iMessage, or Face Time phone number and you could do nothing except receiving all the calls and messages from such a person. When iOS 6 was launched, people got some relief from these unwanted messages and calls as Apple gave the facility of keeping these messages and calls silent if you did not have the number of the caller stored in your contacts. However, you were still unable to block the individual permanently. It is only with iOS7 that iPhone users have got the ability to block the phone number of any person they do not like or do not want him to communicate with them through iMessage, Face Time, or voice calls.

You can add the address to the blocking list in different ways. Go to the call log inside your phone, tap on the icon of ‘i’ given next to the number, and then click on ‘Block this caller’ option provided at the bottom of the screen. You can also do this by viewing your history in the apps of Face Time and iMessage.

Alternately, go into settings, and select the option of Face Time, iMessage, or Phone from the drop down menu. Inside the options, you will find the option of blocking a number or adding a number to the block list. You can manually add or remove any number to your contact list. Once you have removed a person form your contact list and he tries to make a call, you will not even get a missed call or ring. If you gave your number to a stranger and he turned out to be a creep, you will find relief with this feature of iOS7.

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