Google+ Pins 'Verification Badges' on Users

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Google has added a new verification system in its social network; Google +. It helps + users to uncover the spammers, imposters and fake people, so that nobody can fall victim to such people. It clearly a vision just like Mark Zuckerberg has on his Facebook, Larry Page is kind of inspired from Zuckerberg and following his idea.

An unknown Google employee Wen-Ai Yu has announced the launch of this new service at the company’s official blog post. According to Yu, Google + team is focusing to  verify public figures, celebrities and the people who are added by a large number of Circles, but this service is beyond those people too. They are focusing to verify people other than these famous ones.

This system is named “badges” by the Google, its like a checkmark by a person’s name on their profile page of Google +. Yes, it is just like the one we have in Twitter for the celebrities and public figures profiles. The banner says verified name and check mark. Well, unfortunately Yu did not explain how this badge works and how Google can verify people.

Well all the aspects of this system go towards the use of real names on social networks, which was firstly espoused by Mark Zuckerberg and he did some work on it on his social network Facebook. But this phenomenon is both; right and wrong. Right because of the importance of civility and accountability, on the social networks and wrong because of the necessity of the anonymity for the political activists, whistle-blowers and others.

Facebook’s marketing director and Mark Zuckerberg’s sibling Randi Zuckerberg recently discussed the matter of real-name approach with the panel of media personnel and said that it can decrease cyber bullying on the internet and other things.

Now Google + has come up with this new system opening a new chapter in the controversy. Following is the video in which Wen-Ai Yu is announcing the badges system.

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