Google + Introduces A New 'Ignore' Feature [Video]

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Today, in our social networking world, the most requested function is the ability to ignore or completely block someone from your account. So, today Google + has introduced a brand new ignore function for you. It’s not that Google + didn’t have this option before but that option is now newly modified to give users a more definitive block to unwanted persons. Olga Wchrowska and her co-worker, Sean Purcell explained the update in a video released by Google today.

Ignore Someone:

There are always some people who you don’t want to see any updates at all, so you add them into the ignore list. In the new Google +, when you ignore someone, you won’t see any of their posts in the stream, the circles page and you also won’t get any notifications from those users. So, if you want to ignore someone you can click the ignore next to person’s name when it appears in Notification Bar and Stream, Incoming and you can highlight people in the Circles Page and then click ignore.

To revive them back, you can find the ignore list under More Action of Circle page and click un-ignore to that specific person.

Block Someone:

If you are not happy with ignoring someone, well you can always block that person then. This brand new function which is modified to suit better in Google +. So, when you block someone they are removed from your circles, their post won’t be showed to you in stream and they can see or comment on your posts in the circles.

To block someone first you have to ignore them, then second option that comes will be of Block. And you can find the Blocked people list under the More Actions and then you can un-block users from there.

Watch the following video for the better understanding.

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