Germany Honored Pakistan’s National Anthem in Military Parade

Few days back the President of Pakistan made a visit to Germany and there he met the German head of the state. This was an official visit that was conducted to resume the trading between the two countries that was stopped few years ago.

The German head of the state was more than welcome to such offer as it was very beneficial for both Pakistan and Germany to resume trade ties.

Germany Honored Pakistan's National Anthem - Must Watch

When the President reach the German parliament the national anthem of Pakistan was played and it took everyone present there in a spell. The tune was played with complete excellence and authority.

Germany Army Played Pakistan National anthem in Parade

Many Pakistanis were also present there who attended the ceremony. They came from London, New York and many parts inside Germany as well.

The band that played the national anthem came all the way from Dubai as they were performing there in the art festival. The meeting was important so they were immediately given seat in both Emirates international and British airways to avoid being late.

There were a lot of common Pakistanis present there as well. Few of them travelled with the band from Dubai. Many others even came from New York to attend this important event.

The people were more than happy to see the trade ties being restored and they all knew what will be the outcomes of these ties.

The economy is definitely getting a boost back in Pakistan and there will be some major job opportunities created. The flow of resources will also open up and hence it will all be very beneficial to a common man.