Facebook Seeks Apple's Help To Fight Google's Social Network

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Fortune published a latest report today, which states that CEO Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is worried about Google + being a big threat to Facebook and that’s why he looking to build relation with Apple to help Facebook against Google.  As you know, with Google’s increasingly getting popular products, Google is now become a common enemy for both Apple and Facebook. But the main question here is that how Apple is going to help Facebook against a social network, I mean that’s not even anywhere related to Apple’s line of work but of course it will be very interesting to see how this all this pans out.


According to the Fortune’s report:

That last point is not lost on Zuckerberg. It has prompted him to seek closer ties with Google’s biggest rival in mobile: Apple. The two companies have held multiple rounds of discussions, according to people with knowledge of the talks. But they have yet to find a compelling way to collaborate, perhaps because their courtship got off to a rocky start. Last year Facebook rebuffed Apple’s attempt to connect Ping, a new social network built around iTunes, with Facebook, purportedly for technical reasons. It was a rare public rebuke for Apple, and Steve Jobs personally called some reporters to voice his displeasure. That Apple chose to bake Twitter, not Facebook, into the most recent version of its mobile operating system has not helped. Still, the two companies continue to talk, knowing full well that an alliance could help them fend off a common enemy.

Previously, it has been reported many times that Facebook is trying to get their app integrated into Apple’s iOS, just like the Twitter app. So, lets see what happens next and we will surely keep you updated about the matter. You can read Fortune’s full article to get more information and also you can express thoughts in the comments box below..

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