EaseUS Partition Master Free – Partition Manager Windows 7 & 10

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There are tons of third-party partition managers for Windows, but did you know that EaseUS Partition Manager Windows 7 includes its own partition manager? EaseUS did a good job of hiding the built-in partition manager, but it’s there.

EaseUS Partition Manager Windows 7 and 10

EASEUS Partition Master is different. It is available free of charge and features a graphic user interface that makes it easy to work with partitions. Using the program it is possible to resize, create, delete, move, merge and split partitions with ease. Partitioning tasks can be performed without the need to format your hard drive and without the risk of data loss.

Partition hard drive windows 10 built-in Disk Management has the ability to shrink volume and extend volume. Just right click on “My Computer”, choose “Manage”, and you will get a popup window, choose “Disk Management” in left navigation bar. And then, your hard disk condition will show as follow.

EASEUS Partition Master perfect partitioning program–one that’s easy, reliable, versatile, non-destructive (meaning it can resize a partition without erasing it). It is extremely easy.

Partitioning has traditionally be regarded as something with should only be undertaken by experienced computer users, but by working with this simple tool the option is available to everyone.

When you add a new hard disk or SSD to your system, you must format and partition it before you can use it. The best tool for the job is a full-featured disk partition manager, which can not only format and partition drives but repartition them.

Free disk partition management tool allows to extend C drive (system partition), settle low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GPT disk.

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