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First of all I want to say sorry to all the readers of my blog that you waited so long to see a new post on this blog. I know that you love this blog as I can see the statistics. So once again I’m so sorry. Now let’s talk about that what I am going to write today for you, actually today I found a website which helps us to download YouTube videos even if YouTube is blocked in your country so this is going to help you a lot.

YouTube is Blocked!!! How to Download YouTube Videos!!!

Actually there is a website which helps users to download videos from many websites so that they can watch them later but this website can also be used as a proxy website means we can use this website to download videos from YouTube even if YouTube is blocked in your country like these days YouTube is blocked in Pakistan and many other Islamic countries there are many other ways to use YouTube like change proxy manually, make your own proxy, PD-proxy tool etc etc but the website that I am going to share is totally different from all those previous methods that I have shared on this blog.

TubeOffline – Different Way to Download YouTube Videos

So I think I have shared enough info about the website now it’s time to share the website with you actually the website URL is TubeOfline just open this website and then you just have to copy the YouTube video URL and paste it in the box which says Download from YouTube and then click click the button Get Video but before clicking just make sure that you have Java installed in your operating system. After a few seconds (depends on the video size) you can easily download the YouTube video, it’s good to use IDM to download YouTube videos.

This website TubeOffline also supports many other websites like Facebook, YouTube, VK, Vimeo etc etc and also porn websites so you must give it a try it’s a totally different way to download videos from internet securely.

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