Criss Angel unBeLIEve Magic At Sword Point

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Criss Angel is a famous American magician, illusionist and actor. He gained popularity through his shows “Criss Angel Believe” and “Mind Freak“.

He is best known magician and popular for his illusion and tricks like walking on water, levitation, mind reading, sword magic and walking through the metal door.He has also written “Mind freak”- a famous book in which he shares some magical tricks to the readers.

Criss Angel unBeLIEve Magic At Sword Point

He acted so many magical tricks in his show like he vanished and then reappeared, doing levitation among the audience, changed the bill of $1 in $10 and allow doves fly out through his hands. In this video you can see that how he did magic at sword point.He chooses a girl from the audience and then did some magic on her, and then allow her body to lie on the sword and then gradually remove swords from her body and allow her body to relax. It is an amazing video with a thrilling magic.

Watch Cris Angel As He Rips The Body In Half of a Street Girl

The people who saw his magic are shocked and amazed. It is a very interesting video and you must watch this video and enjoy the tricky magis Criss angel applied to a girl. It is unbelievable magic at sword point.

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