Communication and Transportation Are Like Engines For Country

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There are various things that are required for smooth running of a specific country. The needs and requirements can change with time but one cannot ignore communication and transportation at any point. We all are aware from its importance.

If we talk about Pakistan and its economy then what comes in mind according to new trends? Of course for that we need a proper and healthy way of communication and transportation. Transportation includes Roads, Rails, Waterways and airways and if you talk about communication then it includes Post Offices, courier Services, Wireless, Mobiles and Electronic Media.

Today we are going to have a look on communication side and especially the mobile communication that is much prominent these days. Telecommunication sector really contributes a lot in the country’s economy and it is the only sector that gives the most taxes. Not only taxes but it also provide great services to the people of country and directly facilitate them with latest communication trends.

With the help of advanced systems of communication like mobile phones, internet services, VOIPs, mobile phone banking etc. The lives of people have changed and become easy. The process of communication has enhanced certain businesses and takes much foreign investments in Pakistan.


Now if you talk about the teledensity of Pakistan that is the growth of fixed, wireless landline phones and mobiles phones in Pakistan you will notice that it shows variation and it changes according to conditions. In 2009-10 the total teledensity become 62.5%. The cellular sector has contributed much in increasing teledensity. The mobile companies are now introducing low cost tariff plans so that the subscription of mobile phone users may get increased. The cellular sector contributed 94.6% in total teledensity, where fixed landline phones contributed 2.9 and wireless landline contributed just 2.5 in total teledensity.

In this graph you can see the growth of cellular subscribers from 2007-10. In 2010 the growth of cellular subscribers reaches to 102.8 million mark. So if you compare it with 2007 there is an increase of 14.4 million mobile phone subscribers.

Cellular mobile sector market share:

In Pakistan if you see the trend, it is of prepaid customers. The Postpay customers are very low because of the inflation in the country. Most of the people rely on mobile phone cards and easy loads. If you see PTA’s report you will notice that about 97% of market share is contributed by prepaid customers where as only 3% is contributed by Postpay customers.

In telecom sector each company plays its vital role and every user chooses its favorite service provider company according to its quality and rates. There are various cellular network providing companies such as Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Warid and Zong. All of these are in competition with each other and give their best every time. Mobilink is still having largest subscribers and at second number there comes Telenor. The reason behind the more subscriptions is their service quality.

Now see what will happen in future and our telecom sector still awaits 3G and 4G services, we are very hopeful to get these services within few years and government has to do serious work on it.

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