Best iPhone Apps for Business Management

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With the market getting highly competitive, customers are becoming more impatient. If you take a lot of time to respond to their demands, there are too many options available for them out there to switch. Having your business with you on-the-go is fast becoming a necessity for business owners. This makes the applications available on mobile phones today a big hit.

iPhone Apps for Business

These apps provide business managers an opportunity to manage their business from anywhere, anytime. They can have instant access to all their documents and keep track of work and employees, even if they are working at different locations, all through a single, small, and portable mobile phone. There is no wonder why they are so popular!

Out of all the Smartphone Apps available in the market, the iPhone Apps seems to be taking precedence over the others. There are a number of quite useful apps supported by iPhone that can help business owners stay efficient all the time.

Some of them are listed below:

Salesforce Mobile

The iPhone application of Salesforce, a CRM platform is not only the best among all its mobile apps but also free to use if you already have a Salesforce license. This app allows you to manage and update all your Salesforce accounts enabling you to respond to your customers immediately.

It also allows you to arrange meetings at convenient times and places depending on where you are and manages your time in a much better way. So, now you can carry all your customer data in your pocket.


Insight, formerly known as Encamp, is the iPhone app for Basecamp projects. It is a quick, flexible and highly effective project management system. Insight is a free app if you already have a Basecamp account and provides you access to all its core features. It lets you create, manage and assign client accounts and also allows you to access any attachment to a file through your iPhone quite conveniently. It is undoubtedly the best mobile app offered by Basecamp.

Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro is a perfect app for marketers that links you to your Google Analytics account, helping you to keep track of your website’s performance. It provides several structured reports about your website, the most convenient being the “Today” report that provides a complete account of traffic for the current day. You can conveniently start using the app by signing in with your Google Analytics account ID and password.


HootSuite is software that allows you to manage your several social media profiles through a single platform. It is another tool that is highly valuable for marketers which allows them to manage and integrate all their marketing activities across various platforms anytime they want and with the minimal amount of effort required.

QuickBooks Mobile

This is an accounting application for business owners that allow them to manage all their cash inflows and outflows. It can record sales, make invoices, manage your balances and make financial reports. It is like having an accountant with you on-the-go 24/7. And the application also guarantees complete bank-level security for all your financial information.

With these five iPhone apps, you can now manage your business from anywhere around the world with just a cell phone and an internet connection. Your business in now truly in your pocket!

Author’s Bio: Bob Thompson is a writer for Monitor.Us providing website & network monitoring.

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