Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III – Which is Best for You?

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Gone are the days when you had to work with long wires and hefty machines called Landline phones at your home that you couldn’t carry from one place to another. Now it is the age of mobile phones and the advances in technology have improved greatly and thus the mobile phones are also being replaced by iPhones, Smartphone and other related gadgets. Each new product has at least one feature which is not there in the previous one and thus they have become an integral part of our lives these days. Now let us compare between apple iPhone 5 and Samsung galaxy S III to see which one is better among the two.

Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III

Size of Gadgets:

The first thing that comes to our mind while comparing two different mobiles or related gadgets is their size. It should neither be too big to be uncomfortable to carry them from one place to another nor too small to be difficult to see the pictures and messages in it. Galaxy S III dimensions are 136.6×70.6×8.6 mm and it weighs around 131 grams, whereas iPhone 5 is slightly smaller than it. Its dimensions are 123.8×58.6×7.6 mm and its weight is 112 grams. Their screen sizes are 4.8 inch and 4 inch respectively. Thus iPhone is slightly thinner, smaller and lighter than the Galaxy phone.

External body:

The Apple iPhone comes with very well defined lines. It is made of complete metal and glass, but the problem is that it gets scratched easily by wear and tear. You can understand and feel it very well if you purchase a black version of it for your usage. So if you want to buy iPhone, it is always better to go for white or relatively light colors. Otherwise the entire iPhone looks like the face of a wounded man! On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy doesn’t get scratched so easily. Samsung Galaxy SIII has a Polycarbonate body which keeps the weight less. It is tapered down with Gorilla 2 surface which saves it from scratches and the edges are made a little curvy.

Ease of Carrying:

Even though Samsung galaxy doesn’t show up too much wear and tear, the problem with it is that you can’t make rough use of it. It is very fragile compared to iPhone and thus if you drop it accidentally, it will break up into myriad pieces. Besides that, as the iPhone is smaller in size, it can’t be easily recognized by someone who is seeing it from outside, especially if you wear a tight jeans pant. But as it is slimmer, the chances of getting slipped down from your trouser pocket are more compared to larger Samsung galaxy phone. The visibility of the pictures is poor in both these phones but still they are good enough for using. Besides that, if you like colors, it is better to opt Samsung galaxy phones as they have a very large number of color combinations compared to ordinary monochromatic iPhones.

Display Clarity:

As the display of galaxy Samsung phone is larger, the quality of pictures is better in that phone. Its display is a 1280×720 pixels and 4.8 inch large display. The screen size of iPhone is 4 inches and it comes with 1139×640 pixels. But its resolution is slightly higher, as it has 326 ppi as compared to Galaxy’s 305 ppi. The dazzling screen of galaxy might be somewhat uncomfortable. As in comparison the screen of iPhone is smaller and the notifications and other messages pop up from the side and that might be uncomfortable for you. As Samsung has bigger screen, it’s very efficient web browsing device, while it is difficult to browse with the help of iPhone as its screen is smaller. But as iPhone is smaller compared to galaxy phone, it can be operated easily with the help of one hand.

Call making and other facilities:

For making calls, iPhone is better than Samsung galaxy mobile. The number of microphones present in this phone is more compared to galaxy phone, which increases the clarity of voice when you make a call. But if you want your hands to be free always, it is better to opt for galaxy phone as they are quite louder than iPhones. So you can talk with them keeping them at some distance. Wideband audio clarity is provided with both these phones. Getting access to the contacts is a quite simpler thing in both these phones. You can get all the information regarding any caller or any other number with the help of

Google and other Internet Related Facilities:

Google contact images are seen unclear and either blurred or spotted. So you feel it very irritating to use it. Whenever someone calls you, instead of seeing his/her cute face, all that you see is a lump of spots, which may make you feel bad. iPhone is a lot better in this regard as the images are very clear with this phone. On the other hand, contact details are viewed much better in Samsung phone. You can add a number of details like email id, address, designation and other additional information to it and can get them whenever you need. Such features are not there in iPhone. But in order to get the contact of a person, you can easily get it just typing the first letter of the name of the person, but in iPhone you have to go through the entire contact list, which is a time consuming process.


As far as emails are concerned, both these phones are handy with applications for sending emails, but Samsung is somewhat better as it has a larger screen as already stated. Typing email is almost same in both phones, but if you have fatter fingers, Samsung Galaxy is better as it has a larger screen.

Official Apps:

For using office apps and working, Galaxy phone is better as it has an office infrastructure, which is based on cloud computing. You can easily open and type in spreadsheet and word applications in the Samsung galaxy phone, but the same is very difficult in case of iPhone. Recently, Apple has developed a new application called iCloud to enable this, but it still hasn’t made a mark.

So the question that which phone is better of the two has its answer in the fact that which type of operations you want to perform more frequently with the help of these phones. So compare the specifications both phones and decide which one is better suited to you, based on your requirements.

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