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As much as iPhones get great reviews, the ease and limitless ability for anyone to design an Android app brings a new level to games. These apps are highly developed with advanced technology and tools to give you maximum thrills. Along with these thrills, you might finally peel yourself away from your device to realize your half hour free time turned into an intense three hour gaming session.  Meet the games that, although may leave you feeling a little disoriented and pasty face, are truly top notch, graphically appealing must haves.

Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway - Android Game

Never more popular are racing games. No matter your level of gaming expertise, anyone can develop a love for car races. Put some police officers and high traffic congestion chasing behind you, and you have a thriller. This polished game is designed with advanced and perfect graphic and sound quality. Car races or chases don’t typically draw the addictive gamer, but Reckless Getaway beats all odds. Fire up this game one time, and you will be anxious to get back to it at your first opportunity.

Riptide GP

Riptide GP - Android Game

Let’s step into the future with not just any racing car game, a jet skiing race game. Gamers will be pleasantly thrilled to see how the advanced graphics are displayed to mimic water splashes directly on your screen realistically drip down and block your view. This game provides realistic water dynamics and wave graphics that will have the gamer wishing he was out on the water.

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower - Android Game

Want the “old school” feel of retro games? Tiny Tower can provide you childhood flashbacks from days of Nintendo, all while you are using your mad construction skills to populate a tower. You can design your characters with customizable, quirky outfits. The developers have equipped this game ideally for that perfect casual moment you have a minute to pass the time.

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story - Android Game

Want to know what it is like to be part of a game developing company? Think you have what it takes to be a developer? Then definitely download Game Dev Story. You can wear the hat of CEO, head honcho, of a game developing company on a quest to creating and designing awesome games and managing a cooky set of team members. Double check that you have a full battery on your device, this game is highly addictive. (Fair warning!)

Rail Rush

Rail Rush - Android Game

Inspired by the game Temple Run, Rail Rush deserves a fair chance in the android market among gamers. You are a miner whose quest is to collect as much gold and gems as you can. Your mode of transportation is a merely mining cart. You are required to not fall off of the cart preventing jeopardizing your collection of values. The further you go on the track, the more complicated the tracks become causing you to have to jump tracks.

WarGames: WOPR

WarGames - Android Game

Remember this old 80’s movie? Well developers have designed this game inspired by it. WarGames:WOPR, the game, is highly reflective of the movie, consisting of dialogue, graphics, and characters all derived right from the movie. The concept is to strategically connect like icons together to score high points against your opponent who just so happen to be characters from the movie.

Age of Zombies

Age of Zombies - Android Game

Our favorite jetpack rider takes a step into azombie apocalypse. Barry Steakfries, jetpack rider, steps into the future armed with big weapons, ready to take on anything that jumps out at him. Nothing is safe from this jetpack rider, even when faced with a giant zombie T-Rex, Barry is prepared.

Author Bio: The article is being written by Jason Phillips. He loves playing at his android tablet. Last week he played Zombie Games 365 online from his tablet.


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