Android Apps for College Students

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The time to relocate university or other higher education is upon you. With the rise of the mobile phone app you can help to alleviate unnecessary stress by downloading one of the following apps.

Android Apps for College Students

Moving List

This App works for the iPhone and iPad Touch, and it contains a to-do list with ninety five pre-programmed tasks associated with packing and removals, and it also gives an option to add you own asks. You can include a timeline to keep track of your packing and removal like a professional project manager would. His way, you’ll know in advance when you need to find and pack specific boxes; notify utility company, and any other shipping details.

Moving Van

This App also works for the iPhone and the iPad Touch. You can track your boxes with detailed information about each box’s contents. There’s a feature where you can take individual pictures of the box and its contents, assign a number or a name for each box, and you can even allocate a room for each item when you unpack .There’s an additional search feature to track any unpacked boxes, which can also be used for insurance purposes.

My Move

This App works on a variety of mobile phones, including the iPhone, all Android models, and the Kindle Fire. This App is designed to take you through the whole moving process and its features are most useful if you aren’t using a direct relocation agent. It provides checklists to help organise your move, and can directly access details for various moving companies. There is a FAQ feature to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Moving Day

This App works for all Apple products and is similar to the Moving Van App. You can track as you pack, and it offers a barcode scanner and label maker. You can print email reports directly from the App, which can also be used for any insurance records. It’s free to download.

Moving Guru

This App is for the iPhone and the Blackberry handsets. It contains a checklist that counts down from ten weeks prior to the moving date. It provides packing and removals tips, as well as a glossary of moving terminology. It features a ‘we’ve moved’ tool, allowing pre-selected contacts to receive you new address and, it’s free to download.

Moving Planner

This App has a huge range of ‘to-do’ lists. You can transfer all of your utilities to the new address, at the same time as change of address cards to all of you contacts. It has a check off task feature where you can add any additional tasks. You can share the App with your family so it can be used by everyone.

Save time, money and loads of frustration by planning ahead for your next move. Start by downloading a few of these Apps to simplify the process. Use packing &  removal companies that gives you the option of a team leader for your move so you can stay in direct contact and oversee you relocation. Ask them about any other services they can offer. Plan ahead, download a suitable App, and contact a packing and removal company to give you a free quotation.

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