A Disabled Muslim Child from London Surprised Every one

This video is from London in which a boy who is disabled but still he don’t lose hope and believe in ALLAH as well as because in this condition he offers prayers. After watching this video we will feel sad as well as proud for this little boy. This boy offers prayers even without legs because of his faith and courage. We can get a good lesson from this video if we do not offer prayers. This boy has set the example of firm belief in Allah Almighty. Continue reading

Girls With And Without Hijab – An Open Experiment

Hijab have immense importance for women not only in Islam but also for the other religion. Every religion are on a consense that it give great protection to women and give the feelings of sureness for females. On proving whether Hijab give protection to females or not, an experiment was made just to check the impact of Hijab for females in terms of their safety. It was proved at the end it gives protection for females. Continue reading

Pakistani Fans Singing Mauka Mauka and Trolling Indians On Semi Final Defeat

Mauka Mauka Song gain tremendous Popularity in World cup 2015. This also become controversial over their song Against Pakistan and it create frustration among Pakistanis. After the Semifinal where India lost the semi final and out of the worldcup, Pakistani fans feels a great relief. In this context they made a video in which A group of Pakistanis singing Mauka Mauka Song on the Defeat of India and Celebrating the Victory of Australia. Continue reading

How Muslims Are Forced To Become Hindu By Indian – Shame On You India

Tortures on muslims are not so new as muslims are facing torture and pains since the rising of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. It is always being said that the muslims in India are facing many problems and difficulties by the Hindu extremist. In following video, see how Indian are forcing muslims Youngsters to convert into a Hindu. They are forcing to change their Religion against their Will and they are threatening them to do so to convert their religion. This is why Pakistan was established for the safety of Muslim of sub continent. Continue reading