5 Medical Apps That Can Substitute For Healthcare During Recession

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In this economy you can’t really afford healthcare. Governments and corporations aren’t too eager about providing it either. This gives you an extra incentive to take care of your health. Ironically, Apple and Google are going strong. They are producing apps left, right and center. While your President and employer ponder over the subject of healthcare, these companies are providing free medical apps for their smartphones and tablets. Well, beggars can’t be choosers, so you’ll have to make do with what you have. These apps can keep you healthy until things turn around and you can start exploiting your insurance again.

You can’t consult a physician for your coughs and colds anymore, but you can consult Medscape. This app is used by physicians, medical students and nurses, so you don’t have to worry about dying from a misprint. It helps you diagnose your ailment and provides a remedy for it. Think of it as the Wikipedia of medicine, because it’s free and useful. Medscape also has articles authored by real experts and news alerts from the world of medicine.

Medicine Dictionary

If an encyclopedia isn’t enough to fulfill your needs; how about a dictionary to go along with it? The Medicine Dictionary is pretty self-explanatory due to its name, but it’s my job to go into the details. It provides concise and to the point answers to all your drug queries. If the drug has been approved by the FDA, you’ll find it here. The app also has an offline mode, so you won’t have to rely on your slow internet connection for information.

Baby Care

Having your first child can be a roller coaster ride. You have so many queries regarding your child’s development. Fortunately you have Baby Care to track it. The app helps you record each aspect of your baby’s development in minute detail, including his voice. For all you busy parents who don’t have nannies listen up, this app has reminders for feeding schedules. It supports multiple babies, so it can even be used by the ‘Octomom’.

Test Your Hearing

Do you feel that your hearing has diminished recently? If you want to test your hearing capacity, try this app before going to an ENT specialist. This app has two different tests for your hearing. One tests its range while the other tests its versatility. The range test identifies the lowest possible frequency you can hear and the differentiation test determines whether you can differentiate between frequencies. It’s enough to let you know if it’s time to buy hearing aids.

Dental Dictionary Lite

If you want to eat that celebratory steak when the current recession ends, you need to take care of your teeth. This app teaches you all there is to learn about dental conditions, their symptoms and their treatment. I guess brushing twice a day isn’t your forte. It even has a doctor’s helpline in case your smile starts driving the children away. Keep those teeth pearl white and smile, because tomorrow is going to be a new day.

The current economic crisis may have stolen your healthcare from you, but these apps will keep your boat afloat, till you reach the shoreline. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the horizon, because the rescue ship is coming.

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