5 Best Photo Apps for Android

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There are hundreds of different Android devices out there, but when it comes to cameras you have to know one thing – the shooting device of your smartphone can vary from terrible to exceptional. However, if you want to improve the quality of your photos and make them look better – you have luck – there are tons of different applications that you can choose from!

5 Best Photo Apps for Android

If you are having hard time trying to get the one for you – just read below – we have tested some of the best photo apps for android – here are their brief reviews.

Camera ZOOM FX

The first photo app we would like you to try is called Camera Zoom FX. It is not free – you can get it for 3$, but it is definitely a really good purchase, basically a must-have for every Android user who enjoys taking lots of pictures. It has lots of different features that will help you take better pictures, stable-shot mode, tap-to-snap and tap-to-focus options, overlay grids, voice-activating shooting mode. Basically it will give you everything you need in order to take a really great picture.


This application is free and can do lots of great things. For starters, it will allow the user to apply lots of different effects and filters on the photos in order to make them look better before being shared on the web. There is also an auto correct feature that will correct the common issues and make them look ready to share and sharper. On the other hand, if you don’t trust the app enough you can always use the manual settings that will give you control over everything. You can adjust and tweak specific parts of the image, tune its colors and tweak the overall atmosphere. Of course, resizing is also included in the package. Every landscape photo can be turned into masterpiece by simply changing the focus and adding some additional effects.

Pixlr Express

Number 3 on the list is Pixlr Express. The mobile version of this well-known photo editing software is as great as the desktop one simply because it comes with tons of features that will make the worst picture look great. This tool is really powerful and easy to use at the same time, so don’t worry if you are not really good with new technologies – you will have not problems editing your photos with Pixlr Express. The available options are laid out over your image in selectable buttons and boxes, so you can instantly apply the effect you want. It is less about editing rather than applying. You can also add borders or customize the final image in any possible way you want.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Another great photo application for android that is packed with editing tools and it is free. It is not as powerful as some of the paid apps, but it is definitely good enough to meet the needs of the average user in a fast way. There is one really great option that caught our attention and it is called one-tap auto-enhance. It is fantastic to use and it will fix most of the things that you do not like. If we have to sum up Photo Editor by Aviary – it is clean, simple and user-friendly and it will definitely do the job in the way you want.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

If Photoshop is what you prefer and if you are familiar with its way of work and layout, then this is the right tool for you. However, as expected, it is not free, but its price is considered as affordable, having in mind all the features you are getting. It costs 5$ for phones and 10$ for tablets. This android photo app is truly optimized even for smaller screens but it drains the battery relatively quickly.

On the other hand it has tons of great features such as filters, selection tools, filter effects, presets, layers, adjustments and many more. It also comes with drop shadows, image effects, objects, brushes, multiple tools, etc.


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