5 Best Camera Apps for iPhone

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One of the biggest draws for many people, who are about to buy a new phone, is the camera. It seems like the shooting device is definitely one of the most important extras that people are looking for, when the time for new handset comes.

On the other hand, even if you do not feel like spending a small fortune for an expensive device with exceptional camera – don’t worry – there is a way to take good pictures with not-so-good camera. The only thing you need to do is to take a look at this article and find out about some of the best camera apps for iPhone.

5 Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Camera Art FX

When it comes to photography applications, filters are the things that can be applied really quickly and that can fix the photo in no time. This is why most people are looking for such option before choosing a camera application. Well, we want to present you Camera Art FX – it definitely has whatever it takes in order to make sure that your photos will look really great.

The application itself is completely free and it comes with 12 effects. All of the filters can be applied in real time, so you can preview the image before taking the shot – isn’t that just great?


Camera+ is a kind of a special application because it will appeal to both amateur and professional photographers. To do so, it comes with lots of different options such as selection of exposure levels or separate focusing.

But that’s not all – there are plenty of other features that will let you use the horizon in order to eliminate crooked shots. There is also a digital zoom that can be enhanced up to 6x times. The Clarity feature will also make some pretty intelligent adjustments in order to bring some more details to your photos. Camera+ is definitely a great application that will do the work just fine!


Flickr is probably one of the most popular services out there. It comes with terabyte of storage and it is probably one of the best ways to store your photos to a cloud and provide a level of photo manipulation at the same level. As a matter of fact you will be able to use among 16 different filters all of them really great.

The application is more or less the same as Instagram because you have an account, so you can connect your friends and look at their photo streams. Of course if you want total privacy – this can be achieved via the options where you can customize the visibility of your photos and account.

Text Camera

As its name suggests, Text Camera focuses on the “text” side of the app. Said in other words, there are plenty of supported filters that will make your image look even more inspirational by simply putting text next to it.

If you don’t feel like typing something inspirational on your own – don’t worry, because the app comes with some already installed quotes that you can use depending on your mood.


And last but definitely not least – Instagram – probably the most popular photo sharing application in the world. To tell you the truth, there is a solid reason for its popularity and it is not only the great functions and filters. It is the freedom it gives to the user. You can register your own account, share your photos, look at the photos of your friends, etc. Basically it is a kind of a social network for people who enjoy taking lots of photos and sharing them on Internet. There is also a comment section, so you can express your feelings for a certain photos. And thanks to the great filters, even the most amateur photo will look professional.

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