10 Useful Android Apps For Business Purposes

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If you have spent your money on your business phone and business tablet, and are now looking for a way to justify that cost beyond the fact that your device makes calls, then the Android apps are the way forwards. They increase the number of functions that your Android device has, meaning that it may be better adapted to your business and to general business use. Here are ten apps that you are going to find useful within your business.

10 Useful Android Apps For Business Purposes

Time Recording Timesheet App

As the name suggests, this app allows you to track time if you are working away from the office. You and your staff may show where you spent your time, and how much time you actually spent. It is a good way of tracking progress, workloads and costs.

Expense Manager

If you do a lot of traveling and incur a lot of expenses along the way, then it is easy to forget where you spent your money and what you spent your money on. With this app you may keep a record of all the money you spend when you are on the road, so that even if you lose the receipt then you are still going to know what you spent and why.


This is a great new app that allows you to accept credit card payments with your Android device. This sort of technology is becoming more and more common, where even PayPal now has its own scanner to accept card payments. Use this app with your card scanner and you will be able to accept payments at trade fairs and other such expeditions away from the office.


This app allows you to attend remote meetings. It uses different app functions in order to connect you with other employees and associates. For example, it uses the Skype function to allow you to video chat, as well as Adobe Connect and WebEx functions to help you communicate with other people remotely via your Android.


This allows you to create invoices remotely. It has a free and a paid version that you can use, so that you can get a feel for how convenient the app is. It is good for people who like to make a sale on the road, and it adds that extra seal on the deal if you are able to create an invoice no matter where you are. They have twenty invoice designs that you can use.

ezPDF Reader

As the name suggests, this is an app that allows you to read PDFs. But, it also allows you to add annotations to PDF documents, which is great if you want to catch a client’s signature on a document. You may allow the client to write his or her signature on your Android, and the app will print the signature onto the PDF document. You can even upload and move your documents around with the app once you are all finished annotating.

Mileage Tracker

This app is going to allow you to track how many miles you do in your company vehicle. Recording such numbers is actually essential, as they are going to count towards your business expenses. You are going to have to justify your costs and how much fuel money you spent. Plus, you may have to refund staff members for the miles that they drove too.

PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC

With this app you may put things onto a cloud system. The main draw of this app is the fact that once the files are on their cloud system, you may access them via a Mac OS desktop or a Windows operating system computer. There is a free version that you can try first, and a more fully functional paid version. This aim of this app is to make transferring from mobile to desktop a lot easier.


This app allows you to save contact details directly to your contact list. You take a photograph of the card that you have been handed, and it saves the information on it to your contact list on your Android.


This is an app that allows you and others to collaborate on projects. It puts your document on the box, which is a little bit like many of the other cloud programs, except that it has more functions. People can alter it and download it at will, which means numerous people have access to the same files. This makes remote collaboration a lot easier.

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