Pakistani Fans Singing Mauka Mauka and Trolling Indians On Semi Final Defeat

Mauka Mauka Song gain tremendous Popularity in World cup 2015. This also become controversial over their song Against Pakistan and it create frustration among Pakistanis. After the Semifinal where India lost the semi final and out of the worldcup, Pakistani fans feels a great relief. In this context they made a video in which A group of Pakistanis singing Mauka Mauka Song on the Defeat of India and Celebrating the Victory of Australia. Continue reading

How Muslims Are Forced To Become Hindu By Indian – Shame On You India

Tortures on muslims are not so new as muslims are facing torture and pains since the rising of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. It is always being said that the muslims in India are facing many problems and difficulties by the Hindu extremist. In following video, see how Indian are forcing muslims Youngsters to convert into a Hindu. They are forcing to change their Religion against their Will and they are threatening them to do so to convert their religion. This is why Pakistan was established for the safety of Muslim of sub continent. Continue reading

Finance Leaders focus on Leadership at CFO Conference ICAP 2015

The second-segment of the CFO Conference 2015 organized by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) concluded in Islamabad today with experts focusing on leadership skills for managerial roles and future challenges. More than 300 CFOs, heads of multi-national companies & state enterprises and business leaders attended the day-long event. Continue reading