Stylish Android Wear-Huawei Smart Watch

With the fast pacing technological innovations and inventions being done, every gadget is being revolutionized and is underway evolution. Huawei has taken the game to the next level by competing against giants with its ground breaking smart phones, phablet, tabs etc . Now, in the smart watch arena as well, Huawei has captured remarkable acclaims from the critics with its exceptionally great and elegant watch, unveiled at IFA, Berlin. Continue reading

Guess which smart phone is coming to town – Huawei

It has been revealed by the Huawei officials that they would soon be launching an exquisite smart phone which has already won tremendous acclaim on the international level. Google has partnered with Huawei to create this stupendously amazing smart phone. This smart phone has been rumored to carry an ultra fast processor, latest Android OS, ginormous memory, hulk-powered battery and an excitingly outclass screen display. Continue reading