Guess which smart phone is coming to town – Huawei

It has been revealed by the Huawei officials that they would soon be launching an exquisite smart phone which has already won tremendous acclaim on the international level. Google has partnered with Huawei to create this stupendously amazing smart phone. This smart phone has been rumored to carry an ultra fast processor, latest Android OS, ginormous memory, hulk-powered battery and an excitingly outclass screen display. Continue reading

Samsung Unveils an Expanded Portfolio of Medical Imaging Solutions at RSNA 2015

Samsung is strengthening its commitment to delivering fast, reliable, smart and innovative diagnostic solutions for healthcare providers by debuting the newest additions to its portfolio, on display at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago. This week at booth #7313 (North Building, Hall B), product specialists will be on hand demonstrating Samsung’s range of solutions in Computed Tomography (CT), Ultrasound and Digital Radiography (DR) systems, which are all designed to enrich the quality of care and workflow, and enhance the patient experience.

Samsung Unveils an Expanded Portfolio of Medical Imaging Solutions at RSNA 2015

Featured product debuts include the NExCT 7 CT scanner and the RS80A with Prestige ultrasound system

“Through our innovative designs and advanced technologies, we remain committed to delivering new solutions, like the NExCT 7 and the RS80A with Prestige, that unlock workflow efficiencies for medical professionals as well as improve patients’ lives,” said Soo-In Cho, President and Head of the Health & Medical Equipment Business at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “By leveraging the combination of Samsung imaging technology and user-inspired design, we will continue to deliver on our promise of fast, easy and accurate diagnostic solutions for our customers in the healthcare community.”

Computed Tomography (CT) Segment

Samsung’s CT imaging solutions are used throughout the world in intensive care units, neurosurgical operating rooms, emergency departments, stroke centers and other key clinical areas. Debuting at RSNA is:

  • NExCT 7 – the first premium CT scanner from Samsung features high resolution designed to improve diagnostic confidence in advanced and routine exams reducing the radiation dose as low as reasonably achievable and ensuring a fast and efficient workflow. Some features of the NExCT7 are FDA 510(k) pending.
  • Portable CT – Samsung will be showcasing the latest in software and hardware enhancements across its portable CT product line. These upgrades improve user satisfaction and streamline workflow, and both systems are now compliant with the Smart Dose (XR-29) radiation dose reporting standard.

The BodyTom and CereTom portable systems continue to prove their versatility as they are increasingly adopted and utilized in a wide range of market applications such as mobile stroke units, brachytherapy suites, proton therapy centers, deep brain stimulation and even veterinarian hospitals.


Ultrasound Segment

Samsung continues to enhance the user experience with its cutting-edge diagnostic ultrasound devices around the world and across various medical fields. On display at RSNA are:

  • RS80A with Prestige – now available in the U.S. market, this system features advanced technical capabilities built on the successes of Samsung technologies. Product features include:
    • S-Fusion to enable simultaneous localization of lesions with a real-time ultrasound image supported by other modalities’ 3D data sets. Fusion speed and accuracy are the strengths of S-Fusion.
    • S-Shearwave to detect the velocity of the shearwave transmitted through the targeted lesion and display the numerical measurement of stiffness.
    • E-Breast*: this is the function for breast lesion exam, which calculates the strain between the area of the suspected lesion (ROI) and normal breast fat and displays the results.
    • E-Thyroid*: This function assists with the diagnosis of thyroid lesions. The ROI is used to show the contrast of an elastogram.

      *The strain ratio value is a relative value regarding quantification, not an absolute value.

  • HS70Adesigned for hospital and private care. This system has a flexible architecture to meet the clinical needs of varied users. The HS70A offers a complete Radiology and Cardiovascular solution, including technologies migrated from the premium radiology RS80A platform. Features include S-Detect, which uses Breast Imaging-Reporting, and Data System (BI-RADS®) scores for analysis and classification of suspicious lesions.

Digital Radiography (DR) Segment

Samsung’s DR systems combine advanced imaging technology, award-winning design and user-friendly automated workflows to meet the demands of 21st century radiology departments. Products on display at RSNA include:

  • GC85A – a DR system offering streamlined workflow, diagnostic confidence and improved total cost of ownership. The GC85A features imaging engine S-Vue, ensuring consistency with high quality, convenient setting of contrast and improved sharpness and clarity, S-Share to support unique clinical needs and continuous care with increased connectivity, and Smart Control for one-touch precise positioning.
  • GM60Aa mobile Digital Radiography system that delivers high-quality imaging directly to the patient’s bedside. Advanced mobility allows use in the patient room, emergency room, operating room and the intensive care unit, and has advanced features, including S-Detector and S-Vue imaging technologies to deliver accurate diagnoses while ensuring reliable operation with enhanced usability. Additionally, the telescopic column ensures fast navigation by securing a clear view for users.

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies, redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions. We are also leading in the Internet of Things space through, among others, our Smart Home and Digital Health initiatives. We employ 319,000 people across 84 countries with annual sales of US $196 billion.

Midnight Online Car Searches Skyrocket – Ecommerce Growth enables Buyers

A staggering 80% of new car and almost 100% of used car customers begin their car shopping experience online, enabling buyers to find their dream car at any hour of the day. Carmudi analyzed millions of visits to the company’s car classifieds website, and the data shows that car buyers around the world, including Pakistan are predominantly searching for cars late at night.

Midnight Online Car Searches Skyrocket

E-commerce Growth enables buyers to shop at more convenient times

Late night car searches is a growing trend with more than 40% of global car buyers now searching for cars between five p.m and midnight. With ecommerce booming, and increasing use of mobile phones to make purchases online, how we buy major goods is shifting. Traditionally, consumers bought a car after visiting several dealers and test driving dozens of vehicles. With the average car dealer closing by 6pm, car buyers are now able to save valuable time by researching car brands, and shopping for the best price from the comfort of their own home. From arranging test drives to applying for financing, the majority of the purchasing cycle takes place online. Dealers continue to play a vital role in the process, particularly when it comes to test driving.

When Kojo Mensah, a car buyer in Ghana found out he was adding a new member to the family, he decided it was time to purchase a larger car. With both him and his wife working full time and two young kids at home, going from dealer to dealer was not an option. Kojo joined the growing number of car buyers researching vehicles through the Carmudi app. Last month, he picked out a Nissan Navara LE 2013 and quickly got in touch with a dealer in Accra to set up a test drive. Within 48 hours Kojo bought his Navara LE for a competitive price.

Another insight gleaned from the Carmudi data shows that car consumers are transitioning from searching for vehicles on a desktop, to using mobile apps, most notably in the evening hours. During working hours, only 15% of consumers visit Carmudi via the mobile app, but from 6pm to midnight more than 55% of visitors search for cars on their mobile app, as opposed to their computer.

The car buying experience has remained stagnant for decades, but in the world of AMAZON and UBER, the car classifieds market is ripe for disruption, starting with the ability to find your dream car at midnight from the comfort of your own couch.

Midnight Online Car Searches Skyrocket

About Carmudi
Carmudi was founded in 2013 and is currently available in Bangladesh, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and Zambia. The vehicle marketplace offers buyers, sellers and car dealers the ideal platform to find cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles online.

Successful Launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Pakistan by Future Tech

Future Tech which is the authorized reseller and service provider of Apple’s products across Pakistan successfully managed to launch iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Pakistan. All iPhones contains a warranty provided by Future Tech and Advance Telecom. The launch took place in 4 major cities of Pakistan on 13th Nov, 2015 in their stores located at Karachi: Dolmen Mall, Lahore: Mall One and Fortress, Islamabad: Centaurus Mall and, Sitara Mall in Faisalabad. During the pre booking phase. Continue reading